Arden Native Garden

Location: Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California        /        Completed: 2012        /        Scope: Partial Design, Full Landscape Installation (Hardscape, Irrigation, Planting)

Elaborating on an original design from the previous landscape architect, we worked with our clients to realize the initial plan while making adjustments in regard to the plant and material palette. Surrounding the 'UC Verde' buffalograss lawn, our design replaced a monoculture of grasses with a mixture of meadow grasses, flowering perennials, annuals and strong shrubs. With an exception of the Jacaranda tree, the garden’s palette is composed of plants all native to California.

Demolition of part of the driveway provided us with the opportunity to redefine the hardscape. Instead of hauling off the debris, it was cut and repurposed into square pavers and supplemented with a matching precast paver that is interplanted with Thyme or filled with gravel. The completed design is meant to evoke the seasons in an urban environment. The use of native plants provides a connection to the wildernesses of the city’s hillsides.